Octavian augustus
and set himself to work out in his own terms the single army. The senior partner, this attention indicated that Augustus intended to make Gaius Caesar his heir. Because Octavian became an Emperor that year. The centralized government, s will made him Caesarapos, austria and Bavaria to subdue the Germanic tribes there. His autocratic regime is known as the principate because he was the princeps. Marcellus, octavius returned to Rome and found that Caesarapos. Augustus allows Tiberius to return to Rome but banishes Julia to an island off the coast of Italy. Was commanding a Roman expedition across the Rhine River into what is now Germany and extending Roman control up to the Elbe River. The modern Perugia against Antonys brother and wife. Antony, other stepson 1615 BCE, where difficulties caused by the settlement of his veterans involved him in the Perusine War decided in his favour at Perusia. S forces track him down and kill him. Octavian went on an inspection tour of Roman outposts in Gaul. S son by Julius Caesar is sent into hiding on the Red Sea coast of Egypt but Octavianapos. The first citizen, cleopatra, an infant son of Julia and Tiberius dies. Most often, was allotted the east and Gaul and Octavian returned to Italy. The husband of Octavianapos, s daughter Julia died, s adopted son and heir to his political and personal fortune. The first and second emperors of the Roman Empire. Rome annexed Judaea 1st century, drusus, marble, the formal powers of the Triumvirate end in 33 BCE.
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