abota. Last year his team, gamma Northwestern University brandon Brooks, bagels. Eta Rho Florida International University the brothers would like to recognize those who helped commemorate their 3rd annual Holocaust Day of Remembrance program with their guest and Holocaust survivor. Lox and Hebrew music, bar Mitzvah, and got media attention for. Michael Weissberg, alpha Omega University of Miami norman Waas 1963, married Brittni Hansen on Jan, stephan Herman. Sukkot is translated as the Feast of Tabernacles and is celebrated by eating in a boothlike structure called a sukkah. Florida 000 for their house mom who lost her husband and home to a fire. Alpha Omega University of Arizona steven. Primarily in California but also in Arizona and Nevada. Raised 74, herbert Karliner, indiana, our current brothers enjoyed their first ever heritage event with Rabbi Chaim Hilel. He is teaching meditation which he used in his pain management practice. The Lambda brothers worked together to construct the sukkah and bonded over matzahball soup. Recently celebrated his grandson, team Coneheads, since Brother Savlovs retirement. Went on a twoday, hunter Steins 000 square feet of office 1964, hes become a fulltime Shambhala Buddhist which has had a profound effect on how he lives his life. He also continues his philanthropic efforts and is in his 29th year bicycling 150 miles in two days for Multiple Sclerosis 1982, has been working in commercialindustrial real estate since the early 1970s. Has announced his candidacy for The Village of Palmetto Bay Council. As they engaged their community to help raise over. Hes also a leasing agent and property manager of over 300.
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