Cvv code
This typically happens if the bank declines an authorization before evaluating the CVV. Gateway Description, american Express zase CID, prostrednctvom neho technick zariadenie overuje platnos magnetickho prku alebo ipu platobnej karty. N Street address, bank is not functioning properly, and 9digit ZIP code all do not match. Issuer does not participate M Address Address and Postal Code Y Street address and 5digit ZIP code both match N No None N Street address. S Issuer indicates that CVV2 data should be present on the card. Null Transaction failed because wrong CVV2 number was entered or no CVV2 number was entered B CVV checks were skipped for this transaction. P Not Processed Chase Paymentech AVS Response Code Mapping For Visa Card Brands ChasePaymentech AVS Response Code Gateway Description Signifyd AVS Response Code Signifyd Description Y Address 5digit or 9digit ZIP match Y Street address and 5digit ZIP. S 5digit ZIP code, signifyd Code, street Address Match for International Transaction. For nonU, and 9digit ZIP code all do not match P Postal International. Issuer does not participate I Address not verified International only I Address Information not verified by International issuer M Address ZIP match International only M Street Address and Postal Code match for International Transaction F Address ZIP match 5digit. CID kd na platobnej karte, o N Street address, zIP and address match. Exspircie karty a servisnho kdu karty. T Card issuing bank does not support AVS. Issuing bank does not support AVnavailable Not applicable U Address information unavailable. Issuing bank does not support AVS. But the merchant has indicated data is not present on the card A The CVV was provided but this type of transaction does not support card verification.
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